Meaning of gameplay in English:



mass noun
  • The features of a video game, such as its plot and the way it is played, as distinct from the graphics and sound effects.

    • ‘I was wondering if anyone could advise me on setting up voice software for use in gameplay.’
    • ‘The first is the lack of additional characters that can join the party to affect the plot or gameplay.’
    • ‘It has great graphics, solid gameplay and, while not very original, is a lot of fun to play.’
    • ‘The problem is we have many developers that seem to me to be concentrating on graphics rather than gameplay.’
    • ‘It's got all the ingredients for a distinctly awesome game, except for gameplay.’
    • ‘Sometimes, the actual gem of the game lies not in the graphics but in the actual gameplay.’
    • ‘I enjoyed the graphics, sound, and gameplay, but was not as blown away as I had hoped to be.’
    • ‘They're slightly dated graphics but they work nicely with the style of gameplay.’
    • ‘Simplistic gameplay aside, the game is honestly funny when it's not being too lowbrow.’
    • ‘Sure, the PlayStation is a different world, but some of the old Atari games have terrific gameplay.’
    • ‘Sequences would build up into films, characters into legends and gameplay into classic puzzles.’
    • ‘However, most of the people in this industry have been analysing games and gameplay for tens of years.’
    • ‘The gameplay progresses depending on the movement and collision of these sprites.’
    • ‘A solid script, good gameplay and a huge dose of humor makes this game stand out as a nice platformer.’
    • ‘This is a hard game to review as far as gameplay goes because there are so many events.’
    • ‘The basic gameplay in Back to Baghdad remains the same as in last year's game.’
    • ‘The gameplay itself, as we've mentioned, is nicely paced and a great deal of fun.’
    • ‘How can true innovation in gameplay be achieved without proper focus?’
    • ‘It is unfortunate that these beautiful elements are marred with such mundane gameplay.’
    • ‘The gameplay is exciting and innovative, while still being practical and polished.’