Meaning of gamer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡeɪmə/

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  • 1A person who plays video games or participates in role-playing games.

    ‘every gamer has suffered from small-screen videos’
    • ‘The epic role-playing games Japanese gamers love are all somewhere into 2006 at the earliest.’
    • ‘A computer gamer is taking a software firm to court after he suddenly lost all of his virtual weapons.’
    • ‘This keeps the game flowing well as gamers never tire of the same scenery.’
    • ‘For the first time in years, gamers have games that are actually pushing the limits of the hardware available.’
    • ‘I should point out that the game attracts mainly gamers from the continent.’
    • ‘Let's hope this could mean a shift in the way gamers view and buy games.’
    • ‘Sales in excess of 6 million units are a testament to the impact made by this game on gamers worldwide.’
    • ‘Will this third game finally appeal to gamers in general and not just to those who are fans of the show?’
    • ‘Blizzard is a gamer's game company which has created three of the most successful PC gaming franchises in existence.’
    • ‘It is definitely geared toward starting out and familiarizing the gamer with the game.’
    • ‘She's among the growing group of female gamers that are getting hooked on computer games.’
    • ‘Graphics are merely a means to an end, a way for the developer to immerse the gamer into the gameplay.’
    • ‘This is too uncomplicated a game for serious gamers to expect any kind of rewarding odyssey.’
    • ‘It's a series of fun, innovative games that gamers have struggled to get their hands on.’
    • ‘We wanted to give gamers a ton of gameplay for their buck and we have really succeeded in this regard.’
    • ‘Console gamers might want to see action and role-playing games added to that list.’
    • ‘It adds another level to the depth of the game and also encourages gamers to continue playing.’
    • ‘This can be a real plus for gamers or programmers looking to automate a set of keystrokes.’
    • ‘Sharp says it expects the monitor to be a hit with gamers in particular.’
    • ‘If it costs less, the gamers and power users wanting unrestricted access would complain.’
  • 2North American A person known for consistently making a strong effort, especially in sport.

    ‘he's a gamer, always ready to go that extra mile’
    • ‘If you were giving it out, you were wise and a good teammate, a gamer.’
    • ‘He's a gamer and a winner, the type of quarterback who gives the Chargers instant credibility.’
    • ‘He might have thought he was being a gamer by keeping quiet and pitching in pain last week.’
    • ‘He is much more of a gamer and has proven that he can hit tough shots at the end of games, so the fourth quarter is mostly his.’
    • ‘What the team learned in its opener is that he is a gamer and a capable leader.’
    • ‘Chuck, always a gamer, hits the slopes again and gets another drubbing.’