Meaning of gamesman in English:


nounplural noun gamesmen

See gamesmanship

‘While the actors playing Steele and Prior are solid, the real standout is Weaving, whose portrayal of Fleming ranges across the spectrum from the terrified innocent to the inscrutable gamesman.’
  • ‘To his millions of followers, though, he is the quintessential gamesman, always one step ahead of consumers with a new system that is innovative but in reach of the masses.’
  • ‘After all, the tattoo-bearing gamesman said during one episode, ‘No one's going to tell me what to do or what not to do.’’
  • ‘A more supportable premise would be bureaucratic preservation - the spy not as con man, but as organizational gamesman.’
  • ‘The gamesman was explaining that his Limited pistol wasn't intended to be practical when the special ops guy stopped him.’