Meaning of gamesmanship in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡeɪmzmənʃɪp/

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mass noun
  • The art of winning games by using various ploys and tactics to gain a psychological advantage.

    ‘the negotiations were primarily exercises in propaganda and gamesmanship’
    • ‘Ha admits to spending about 20 hours a week playing the game, improving her gamesmanship and marksmanship with each successive hour.’
    • ‘A critical element of his game is his gamesmanship.’
    • ‘Pseudoscientific activities are really arts involving gamesmanship.’
    • ‘We get this kind of whimsical sense that the criminal justice system has nothing to do with truth telling, it's all about gamesmanship and winning.’
    • ‘Until her death in 1996, she was still renowned for her wit, her sly gamesmanship in her personal relations, and her stoicism in the face of deadly disease.’
    • ‘Although that document now appears to have been overtaken by events, it is instructive to examine the legal terms as part of the sensitive political gamesmanship.’
    • ‘The political gamesmanship that has permeated healthcare must be replaced by common sense and what is in the best interest of all parties in healthcare, including those who provide it.’
    • ‘Was that an interesting bit of political gamesmanship?’
    • ‘His narrative gamesmanship both undermines traditional forms and affirms the importance of telling and receiving tales in our lives.’
    • ‘Although he had won a hatful of major titles at club level, he also had a reputation for employing physical violence and gamesmanship.’
    • ‘They need to know that people are doing the right things for the right reasons, and not just for political gamesmanship.’
    • ‘Violence and gamesmanship are a virulent virus infecting sport.’
    • ‘Players know there is a line between gamesmanship and personal and aggressive insults (sledging).’
    • ‘No matter what the ultimate motivation, there is not much cause for hope if this is mere ritual or diplomatic gamesmanship.’
    • ‘There is a place for gamesmanship in cricket; it's a game which is built on unique qualities of patience and concentration and focus, and as well as relaxation.’
    • ‘His work is heftier and more rewarding, on the level of pure intellectual gamesmanship, than I first realized in the '80s.’
    • ‘After the perfectly valid debate about gamesmanship from Portugal there was relief, for a while, in rediscovering that football itself can be a suitable topic of conversation.’
    • ‘The Calgary Flames-Edmonton Oiler rivalries in the 1980s produced some classic gamesmanship.’
    • ‘Come springtime, hockey players seem to morph into superhuman creations of competitiveness, physicality and gamesmanship.’
    • ‘As the name suggests, the award aims to recognise the player who has brought the most energy, flamboyance or spectacular gamesmanship to the pitch.’