Meaning of gametic in English:


Pronunciation /ɡəˈmɛtɪk/



See gamete

‘These observations demonstrate that a mechanism contributed by the cytoplasm of the wild-type gametic cell recognizes abnormal-length flagella and restores length control.’
  • ‘Several gametic and zygotic reproductive barriers were found in a cross between Japonica and Indica rice varieties.’
  • ‘Simultaneous analysis of the haploid megagametophyte and diploid embryo in a seed allows the female and male gametic contributions to the zygote to be separated.’
  • ‘Indeed, usually the marker phenotypes do not provide the gametic phase of the chromosomes (which allele originates from which parent), for example, in the case of a double or multiple heterozygote.’
  • ‘If gametic and/or zygotic selection occurs whereby certain gametes or zygotic combinations have a reduced chance of survival, progeny distributions are skewed and are said to exhibit segregation distortion.’