Meaning of gametocyte in English:


Pronunciation /ɡəˈmiːtə(ʊ)sʌɪt/


  • A cell that divides (by meiosis) to form gametes.

    ‘Moreover, it can detect asexual parasites and young gametocytes with reasonable sensitivity and specificity.’
    • ‘These intracellular stages include an asynchronous mixture of both first- and second-generation meronts and merozoites, as well as some gametocytes and gametes.’
    • ‘As stated in our article, scanty parasites and Plasmodium falciparum gametocytes may be easier to detect in thick films and therefore might be of value in low infections and in P falciparum speciation.’
    • ‘During the blood stages of malaria infection some parasites differentiate to produce male and female gametocytes; it is these that infect the mosquito.’
    • ‘The parasitemia (percentage of infected red blood cells) and percentage of gametocytes were monitored daily beginning 1 week postinfection.’