Meaning of gaminess in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡeɪmɪnəs/


(also gameyness)

See gamy

‘Its little strut of gaminess provides an attitude that is slightly raunchy, but the pool of warm, mellow flavours and faint raspberry note keep it comfortable in any company.’
  • ‘The silk of the duck liver plays against the grainy elements of the fig, the fig brings out the fruitier qualities in the liver, the liver points to the gaminess of the fig, and you smear your torchon on your brioche toasts with oohs and ahs.’
  • ‘They have set about giving pinotage from New Zealand a much-needed sense of class, and a thriving market in New York City, where drinkers love its elegant blend of visceral gaminess and graceful, satin fruit.’
  • ‘Sardines, however, are glorious enough to imagine enjoying their marinated iridescence dockside with soffrito crudo, and neither rabbit ballotine nor game-bird terrine betray any gaminess.’
  • ‘Woody spruce tips and sautéed chanterelles neutralize the gaminess of a tender venison.’