Meaning of gaming debt in English:

gaming debt


  • A debt incurred from gambling.

    ‘even where gaming debts are enforceable, collection can be a nightmare’
    • ‘Casinos in Nevada can fully deduct bad gaming debts against taxes imposed on their gross revenue.’
    • ‘He had been obliged to sell almost every part of his inheritance that had not been entailed to pay his father's gaming debts.’
    • ‘The company cannot take a tax deduction for uncollected gaming debts.’
    • ‘He reluctantly agreed that a brief summary should replace letters about Disraeli's involvement with the gaming debts of Derby's younger brother.’
    • ‘Mr. Lennox had to leave the country after accumulating gaming debts.’
    • ‘He is holding out for a law that would allow the enforcement of gaming debts, but the government is still drafting that legislation.’
    • ‘Apparently he had accumulated gaming debts to such an extent that he had hardly been able to pay them.’
    • ‘Payment for the service may not be legally enforceable, for example, gaming debts are not legally enforceable.’
    • ‘When I came back to see him, he told me that he would pay my debts - all of them, not just my gaming debts.’
    • ‘A new casino credit law that came into effect this month made gaming debts legally enforceable in the territory.’