Meaning of gaming machine in English:

gaming machine


  • 1A machine on which gambling games are played.

    ‘thieves stole cash from four gaming machines’
    • ‘The company will also hope to take advantage of the relaxation of the rules governing the number of gaming machines in each betting shop.’
    • ‘Casino operators are trying to block the use of the gaming machines in betting shops.’
    • ‘Proposed restrictions on fixed-odds gaming machines could also hurt bookmakers.’
    • ‘A similar venture, containing 1,000 gaming machines, is also being planned in Sheffield.’
    • ‘She had started the scam to pay for her addiction to one-armed bandit gaming machines.’
    • ‘The inquiry failed to uphold claims that members of the council had been offered inducements by gaming machine interests.’
    • ‘One bookmaker's has a gaming machine which pays out a £10,000 top prize.’
    • ‘Most gambling revenue is derived from gaming machines.’
    • ‘There are the usual bar stools and tables and two gaming machines.’
    • ‘People can purchase lotto and raffle tickets, play electronic gaming machines or the multitude of games at casinos.’
  • 2An electronic device for playing video games.

    ‘the PS4 is a very powerful gaming machine’
    • ‘For a dedicated gaming machine or a machine capable of continuous seamless 3D rendering, you will need at least 12GB/16GB RAM.’
    • ‘It's a gaming machine capable of playing the latest titles at respectable settings.’
    • ‘I've replaced parts in gaming machines, resoldered caps on video cards & an LCD TV, things like that.’
    • ‘I still have some streaming issues over my gig network but I think my gaming machine is probably due for an upgrade.’
    • ‘If MS would have just made a great gaming machine like the 360 then they would have no problems.’
    • ‘While both gaming machines boast very similar specs, they were positioned as two very different consoles.’
    • ‘The next-generation consoles have shifted away from simply serving as gaming machines, as they incorporate streaming media apps and social networking features.’
    • ‘They sold 12.24 million handheld gaming machines in the past financial year.’
    • ‘I already have a gaming machine with better graphics, a better controller and more flexibility and it didn't cost much either.’
    • ‘In the past I've always made incredibly expensive gaming machines, but now I use my work laptop for all my gaming.’