Meaning of gangland boss in English:

gangland boss


  • The head of a group engaged in organized crime.

    • ‘the couple were murdered on the orders of a gangland boss’
    • ‘The twins wanted gangster chic, the glamour of being gangland bosses.’
    • ‘He received a death threat from a man he claimed was a gangland boss.’
    • ‘The French gangland boss has been on the run in Italy for a decade in order to escape a death sentence.’
    • ‘By the end of World War II he was one of the two major gangland bosses in London.’
    • ‘He is expected to tackle a corruption scandal in which several party, police and government officials have been linked to a notorious gangland boss.’
    • ‘The film takes place at a seedy nightclub run by the local gangland boss.’
    • ‘The notorious gangland boss was linked to 12 deaths.’
    • ‘Two of Britain's most dangerous gangland bosses, whose crime empire was behind a string of murders, are facing life in jail.’
    • ‘A criminal gang is stealing high-speed cars to meet the getaway needs of gangland bosses.’
    • ‘He had no idea what the gangland boss had done and was shocked when he was arrested for murder.’