Meaning of gangly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡaŋɡli/

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adjectiveadjective ganglier, adjective gangliest

another term for gangling
‘If it fits and is well cut, the tailcoat can turn any man - short or gangly, fat or lanky - into an Adonis.’
  • ‘The imbalance gives her a rangy look, slightly adolescent, gangly rather than sleek.’
  • ‘There's a reason Mitchell, a skinny, gangly sophomore, looked like him.’
  • ‘The light in the room shifted dramatically as the image of the boy was replaced by a thin, gangly man holding a can of cola.’
  • ‘He was tall, slightly gangly, with sandy blonde hair that fell into his face, shading his eyes.’
  • ‘His skin was also naturally tan like his father's and he seemed to be all lean, gangly limbs.’
  • ‘He stood just an inch or two above the other boys his age and was by no means skinny or gangly.’
  • ‘Looking almost as young and lean as he did a decade ago, he is astonishingly convincing as a gangly teenager who has the world on a string.’
  • ‘He heaves a great gangly shrug and has some more cake.’
  • ‘Whirling back a decade ago, he was the shy, gangly teenager, who used to shed tears at training sessions because he was homesick.’
  • ‘I even pulled some low-key gangly whiteboy moves out of the repertoire for good measure.’
  • ‘By her own admission, she was a gangly, gawky youngster who hated school and struggled to do well academically.’
  • ‘She was a gawky, gangly teenager, her teeth in rail-track braces, on only her second trip to the capital.’
  • ‘A gangly group of teen boys in Japan decide to start a synchronized swimming team.’
  • ‘I am far more nervous than they are and there are quite a few laughs when they see this gangly fellow mixed in with them.’
  • ‘His best friend was Paul, a gangly bespectacled individual, and his best girl was the feisty Winnie, who lived over the road.’
  • ‘I put my arm through his, and waved too, and they laughed at the sight of two gangly teenagers travelling in a trolley.’
  • ‘She pulled him behind a large tree and peered out, just in time to see three gangly looking teenagers walk past, talking loudly.’
  • ‘The door creaked open slowly, and a tall, gangly boy with a madly bobbing Adam's apple made his way into the room.’