Meaning of gangue in English:


Pronunciation /ɡaŋ/


mass noun
  • The commercially valueless material in which ore is found.

    ‘good ore with some gangue or rock adhering’
    • ‘Specifically, gangue formed by both metasomatic alteration and precipitation during ore formation can yield a wealth of information about the origins and physical conditions of the ore-forming fluids.’
    • ‘Here, too, the veins may be monomineralic, commonly quartz or calcite, but more usually are polymineralic with a mixture of metalliferous sulphide or oxide minerals and gangue minerals.’
    • ‘The major ore and gangue minerals are given in the table, but only those of interest to collectors are discussed in detail below.’
    • ‘At that time, the museum acquired the Colorado State Collection, which has high historical value because it contains many ore and gangue specimens from now-closed and abandoned Colorado mines.’
    • ‘The main ore minerals are galena, chalcopyrite, sphalerite, and tetrahedrite that are associated with quartz and barite gangue.’
    • ‘Native copper and a host of gangue minerals were deposited in fissure veins, brecciated and fractured vesicular lava flow tops, and conglomerate beds during the same period of metal mineralization.’
    • ‘They noted that in the Champion mine siderite is abundant, occurring as the chief gangue mineral of the sulfide ores in the dolomitic beds in the Sawatch Quartzite.’
    • ‘It is associated with all ore minerals as well as most gangue minerals.’
    • ‘Exceptionally well-crystallized zinc-bearing rhodonite was a locally abundant gangue mineral at Franklin and, to a lesser extent, Sterling Hill, Sussex County, New Jersey.’
    • ‘Rhodonite is described in the technical literature as a widespread and locally abundant gangue mineral in many of Colorado's precious-metal vein deposits.’
    • ‘The main gangue minerals are quartz and barite.’
    • ‘The main gangue minerals that make up the vein are massive white calcite, quartz, and prehnite.’
    • ‘Here the galena is massive, with 1-3 - mm-wide cleavage planes scattered across the quartz gangue surface of the specimen.’
    • ‘Uraninite occurs with cobalt, nickel, arsenic, and silver minerals in a carbonate gangue at the Solitaria mine, Jaguel district, Argentina.’
    • ‘Don't you think that in some cases these nuggets have got to be cleared of their gangue?’
    • ‘Chlorite, predominantly magnesium chlorite, is the principal gangue, and its intimate association with the uraninite indicates that the two minerals formed together.’
    • ‘It is a gangue mineral in ores from the Star, Hobo, and Princess mines at Central, Grant County.’
    • ‘A short drift and crosscut were driven off the back of the cavity in search of ore, but only low-grade mineralization consisting of chalcopyrite, galena, and sphalerite in a siliceous gangue was encountered.’
    • ‘Rhodonite is found as a gangue mineral in hydrothermal silver veins cutting volcanic rocks in the Pacocollo, Carangas, and Todos Santos areas, Bolivia.’
    • ‘The fluorite is typically a gangue mineral and is only locally recovered as an ore.’


Early 18th century from French, from German Gang ‘vein, seam, lode’; related to gang.