Meaning of garage mechanic in English:

garage mechanic


  • A person whose job is to repair and maintain the engines of cars and other vehicles at a garage.

    ‘he initially trained as a garage mechanic’
    • ‘She lives with her dad, who is a garage mechanic.’
    • ‘Write to all customers blaming the garage mechanics who carry out maintenance on the company's coaches.’
    • ‘Many motorists criticise the system's lack of conformity with standards practised by qualified garage mechanics.’
    • ‘For all his genius as a garage mechanic, old Henry does not understand the world he lives in.’
    • ‘Pete left school at 14 to help support his family, finding work as a garage mechanic.’
    • ‘Having dropped out of school, the young man worked as a garage mechanic in Sydney.’
    • ‘The garage mechanic told us he'd take a look after closing time but sent his assistant over to check out the car.’
    • ‘She and her garage mechanic husband have racked up $160,000 in medical debts from their youngest son's health care.’
    • ‘He was living in a bedsit, surviving on benefits and on his income as a part-time garage mechanic.’
    • ‘I soon discover that my French is so rusty as to warrant a long whistle and a shake of the head from a garage mechanic.’