Meaning of garbage man in English:

garbage man


North American
  • A man employed to take away household rubbish; a dustman.

    ‘I actually saw them talk to the garbage men about going through my garbage.’
    • ‘The garbage man, who ran across the road without looking, was held not to have been negligent at all.’
    • ‘It's a heartwarming tribute to his father, a hardworking Boston garbage man.’
    • ‘He works as a garbage man over in the suburbs; he brings home a pretty good pay check so that helps out a lot with rent.’
    • ‘The trash cans were set out waiting for the garbage man to come by and collect them tomorrow morning.’
    • ‘Green works for the Plainfield sanitation department as a garbage man.’
    • ‘Your dad wears a watch, and your granddad wears a watch, your accountant, your garbage man, and the grocery store cashier all wear watches.’
    • ‘You don't ask the garbage man for your trash back after you've thrown it away.’
    • ‘The garbage man that keeps our lives sanitary on a daily basis can't keep doing that when they are 65.’
    • ‘Your neighborhood is chilled by a damp wind tossing about scraps of ribbon and tissue left behind by careless garbage men.’