Meaning of garbage truck in English:

garbage truck

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North American
  • A vehicle used for collecting household refuse.

    ‘the rumbling of a garbage truck awoke me’
    • ‘During the governor's term in office, the city administration would be able to add five new garbage trucks to its fleet.’
    • ‘All I could see was a garbage truck depot.’
    • ‘Suddenly, a large garbage truck swung into the parking lot.’
    • ‘His superiors transferred him to another job driving garbage trucks.’
    • ‘The city has a bizarre regulation requiring all city garbage trucks to be made out of a particular brand of steel.’
    • ‘Regular garbage trucks are making rounds, too.’
    • ‘As a casual garbage truck driver, I was informed I would be permanent in 3 months.’
    • ‘Cleaning equipment and a garbage truck made the job a little easier and at the end of the day the beach was in pristine condition.’
    • ‘Garbage trucks left trash in the area for three-and-a-half weeks, until the residents blocked the road.’
    • ‘Every day, the city's fleet of garbage trucks make approximately 300 trips to Miron to dump their load.’
    • ‘Also it has yet to build a road leading to the location so that garbage trucks can enter it.’