Meaning of garden pea in English:

garden pea


  • 1A variety of pea grown for food.

    ‘Peas are climbers, and even the smaller varieties of garden pea will need some form of support.’
    • ‘The earliest trace of the garden pea is in the relics of Bronze Age settlements in Switzerland, c. 3000 bc.’
    • ‘The grapevine is one of the so-called tendril climbers with tendrils on the stem; the garden pea has leaf tendrils.’
    • ‘Also in other species this interaction seems to be important for stem elongation, for example, cucumber hypocotyls, cowpea and garden pea.’
    • ‘Failure to pass the board examinations for teaching certification was a blow to him, but had Mendel been successful, he would have had little opportunity to devote long hours to his experiments with the garden pea.’
    • ‘From 1856 to 1863, Mendel conducted his famous plant breeding experiments with the garden pea.’
    • ‘I don't know about you, but I doubt my mind is 50 percent identical to that of the garden pea.’
    • ‘Mendel had experimented with varieties of garden peas and had tracked the appearance and disappearance of characters such as seed and flower colour during cross-fertilization experiments involving thousands of plants.’
    • ‘All the main courses came with vegetables, on this occasion garden peas, sugar snap peas, swede batons and new potatoes.’
    • ‘The vegetables that came with it were asparagus, and a healthy pile of fresh garden peas and tiny cubes of potato and carrot.’
    • ‘To accompany the game meats, the vegetables included deep fried cauliflower, roast potatoes, steamed rice, fried rice, Brussels sprouts, carrot, garden peas and gravy.’
    • ‘Keen gardeners here on the West Coast often mark Valentine's Day, February 14th, as a day for planting garden peas.’
    • ‘But, served on a bed of mash with a crispy potato basket filled with garden peas, it proved to be utterly irresistible.’
    • ‘They all said they mistook the seeds for garden peas.’
    • ‘In 1992 Spitting Image mocked his consumption of garden peas.’
    • ‘It is fortunate for biology that Mendel first bred garden peas.’
    • ‘It's one of life's simple luxuries, like fresh snapper and garden peas.’
    • ‘Her earlier studies had shown similar patterns in millet, garden peas, and corn.’
    • ‘My sister would not drink her milk when she was tiny, so to keep Mum at bay, my brother would shell fresh garden peas into her glass.’
    • ‘These particles they range in size from large boulders to particles as small as garden peas.’
    1. 1.1A pea canned or frozen when freshly picked.
      ‘Frozen garden peas are kept in the freezer as they go well with most meals but they are the only vegetable I buy which is frozen.’
      • ‘Add cubed potatoes (par boiled), cook for a while, add chick peas, and garden peas (even from the freezer, if you must), and some torn basil leaves.’
      • ‘A recent study commissioned by Heinz Wattie's Australia, conducted by the New Zealand Institute for Crop and Food Research, analysed the nutrient composition of green garden peas at the various stages of processing and storage.’