Meaning of garden shears in English:

garden shears

plural noun

  • Large shears used for gardening.

    ‘the hedge was cut with garden shears’
    • ‘Don't forget to bring your gardening gloves, wheelbarrow, garden shears or any item that may be of use.’
    • ‘I can't manage Graham's hedge trimmer, and the use of garden shears is beyond me, too.’
    • ‘I got the secateurs and the garden shears and boy, did I give the garden a good seeing to!’
    • ‘Use garden shears, reciprocating saw or hacksaw to cut branches to proper height.’
    • ‘However, I'll be saving time this year when I use the battery-powered garden shears I bought in the fall.’
    • ‘Before cherry-picker platforms the hedge was cut by teams of estate workers with garden shears on ladders.’
    • ‘Using garden shears or a hedge trimmer, cut the sides first and work from the base up.’
    • ‘Protea have very thick, woody stems, so you'll need to have a good pair of floral cutters or garden shears on hand to give them a proper trim.’
    • ‘Get out the garden shears and nip nuisances in the bud.’
    • ‘I climbed up on a ladder with a pair of garden shears, leaned over the fence, and brazenly stole some purple lilacs.’