Meaning of garden snail in English:

garden snail


  • A large European snail with a brownish shell, often abundant in gardens.

    Helix aspersa, family Helicidae

    ‘Among the snails, the garden snail Helix aspersa is the worst culprit.’
    • ‘They include the familiar garden snail and slug, but also thousands of less known species.’
    • ‘I think the average garden snail has a better metabolism than my feline.’
    • ‘Culinary cravings brought the brown garden snail to California in the first place.’
    • ‘The common garden snail lives five to ten years and can live to 15, during which time it lays as many as 80 eggs at a time up to six times a year.’
    • ‘When hermaphroditic garden snails mate, as shown, one snail fires a ‘love dart’ into another.’
    • ‘Brains of limpets and abalones are much simpler than brains of garden snails and slugs in histological differentiation.’
    • ‘Some snail species, the most common edible types being the Roman or vineyard snails and the petit gris or garden snails, are highly priced in the gastronomy world and in France they are called escargots.’
    • ‘This is, of course, hog heaven for a geeky science-writer father like myself, but there is one subject that I hope she doesn't ask me about: how the garden snails have babies.’
    • ‘He, a professor of biology at McGill University, has spent the last thirty years studying garden snails.’
    • ‘The medicos said there had been numerous cases of meningitis since 1971 caused by people eating garden snails or slugs.’
    • ‘Early hatching garden snails will eat others in the egg batch not yet hatched.’