Meaning of Garganega in English:


Pronunciation /ɡɑːɡəˈneɪɡə/


mass noun
  • 1A variety of white wine grape used in making Soave and other Italian white wines.

    as modifier ‘a delightfully crisp and fragrant dry white made from the local Garganega grape’
    • ‘The 1980s saw a revival of the sweet Recioto di Soave, made from Garganega grapes with a long local tradition.’
    • ‘A Veronese variety such as Garganega for a white Recioto will need three to four months.’
    • ‘Garganega has such a long history in the Veneto that it has developed myriad, if rarely particularly interesting, strains, clones, and subvarieties.’
    • ‘Chardonnay, the most widely planted of the new varieties, has the ability to tame and soften some of the overtly vegetal character of overcropped Garganega.’
    • ‘The wines of some small producers have demonstrated that the Garganega grape can yield wines of real character with a pungency that marries well with wood ageing.’
    1. 1.1A white wine made from the Garganega grape.
      ‘a bottle of Garganega’
      • ‘The vineyard's two main wines are the dry white Garganega and a curious, dry red varietal wine, Tocai Rosso.’
      • ‘This Soave is a refreshing Garganega wine that is bright and floral with excellent clarity and freshness.’
      • ‘This is a 2006 Garganega from the Domain Day Winery.’
      • ‘Our friendship took shape over a glass of Garganega a few years ago in Brescia, Italy.’
      • ‘Garganega is a lovely, dry, fairly crisp white wine...perfect chilled with sliced salami and olives!’


Italian (Venetian dialect), from gargànica ‘of Gargano’ (an area of Apulia, where the grapes apparently originated).