Meaning of garibaldi in English:


nounplural noun garibaldis

  • 1British A biscuit containing a layer of compressed currants.

    ‘He made tea and I could hear him rustling through the cupboard under the sink for garibaldi biscuits.’
    • ‘I have a friend, a sensible, rational creature, not outwardly generous, but happy to share a garibaldi if pressed.’
    • ‘I drank it and ate a garibaldi biscuit.’
  • 2A small bright orange marine fish found off California.

    Hypsypops rubicundus, family Pomacentridae

    ‘The vivid coloration of the garibaldi may be an adaptation that serves as a warning to intruders or would-be predators that these territorial fish vigorously defend their property.’
    • ‘This bill designated the Garibaldi as the state marine fish.’
  • 3 historical A woman's or child's loose blouse, originally bright red in imitation of the shirts worn by Garibaldi and his followers.

    • ‘This garment consisted of a skirt, a bolero type of jacket with large, bell sleeves, and a Garibaldi blouse.’



/ˌɡarɪˈbɔːldi/ /ˌɡarɪˈbaldi/


Mid 19th century named after G. Garibaldi (see Garibaldi, Giuseppe).