Meaning of garland in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡɑːlənd/

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  • 1A wreath of flowers and leaves, worn on the head or hung as a decoration.

    ‘District chief officer, Surapol Tiensuwan was the first to light incense, after which everyone attending laid bouquets of flowers, wreaths or garlands with sacred offerings in front of the monument.’
    • ‘Winners were crowned with wreath garlands of olive leaves.’
    • ‘Staff will be dressing in shorts, Hawaiian shirts, bikinis, flower garlands and grass skirts, and there will be hula-hooping, hula dancing and limbo competitions in aid of the Marie Curie Cancer Care Unit.’
    • ‘There were potted trees with lights in them and there were garlands of leaves, flowers and tulle wrapped around the banister on the staircase.’
    • ‘Some are holding beautiful flower garlands and decorations they hope to offer the sadhus as they pass.’
    • ‘One is a very thin, string-like affair representing a garland of tiny lace flowers.’
    • ‘Near the conference centre it is strung with wreaths and garlands of homemade flowers, created from plastic bags, paper plates and wrapping paper.’
    • ‘Just tie a few together with raffia or ribbon, and hang on the tree or wire onto garlands and wreaths.’
    • ‘The sacred bamboo rod is bathed in holy water from a golden vessel and wreathed in garlands of fragrant flowers.’
    • ‘The girl was dressed in a white flowing nightgown and wore a garland of flowers.’
    • ‘It usually includes a small bouquet of flowers, a garland, or a small wreath that is placed on the inside lid of the casket for open casket services.’
    • ‘Afterwards, officials and people from all walks of life took turns bestowing garlands and bouquets of flowers before a magnificent picture of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, honoring and celebrating the occasion.’
    • ‘Although the nuchibana song lyrics mention cherry blossoms, the flowers used in the garlands actually depict a type of hibiscus plant indigenous to Okinawa.’
    • ‘The golden effigy, with its four faces and many arms, sits in the centre of the shrine, surrounded by a metal fence that is covered with hundreds of garlands of colourful flowers.’
    • ‘Whenever festivals were held in honor of these deities they always featured garlands and wreaths created with beautiful, fragrant roses.’
    • ‘Politicians and ambassadors placed garlands of flowers in front of it.’
    • ‘The garland and the flowers that this figure holds are a good indication that it is the goddess Flora who was supposed to be represented.’
    • ‘Every year I make a flower garland for my son to wear at his birthday celebration.’
    • ‘Farm work was broadly defined to include planting, cultivating, harvesting or packing and shipping agricultural produce on a farm or nursery, or making Christmas wreaths or garlands.’
    • ‘Farmworkers' wives and other family members often supplement the household income by making wreaths and garlands from the clippings removed in the shearing process.’
    festoon, lei, wreath, chain, loop, ring, circle, swathe, swag
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  • 2dated A prize or distinction.

    ‘On the ninth day, Aeneas displays the prizes for the competition: tripods, garlands, gold, silver, armor.’
    • ‘They also participated in the special prayers conducted for the visitors, who were also honoured with garlands and given ‘prasadam’.’
    • ‘The former Education Minister, K. Anbazhagan, who is in the habit of chewing betel leaves, used to be honoured with green garlands.’
    • ‘Congratulating her in their own personal way were the children who honoured her with hand-made garlands.’
    • ‘He insists that, even though he wears the garlands of victory, he must leave the city of Argos in disgrace and return to the oracle of Apollo in the city of Pytho, also called Delphi.’
    award, reward, premium
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  • 3archaic A literary anthology or miscellany.

    • ‘He put together a 'Garland' of privately printed verses by distinguished poets.’
    anthology, selection, compendium, treasury, compilation, miscellany, miscellanea, pot-pourri
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[with object]
  • Decorate with a garland.

    ‘they were garlanded with flowers’
    • ‘This hugely talented Australian group was formed in the late 1970s, but despite being garlanded with critical praise they have never made it terribly big.’
    • ‘The afternoon tea-party for about 40 younger inmates was in the conservatory which was garlanded with artificial flowers, all made by the girls.’
    • ‘His reign as director of the National Theatre, recorded in these diaries, was garlanded with praise and exited to a storm of acclaim.’
    • ‘The play has been garlanded with praise from bien-pensant opinion.’
    • ‘All were garlanded with flowers, and the plane soon smelled like a florist's.’
    • ‘Here the hedges are best, not trimmed in brutal tidiness but rampant with hip-laden roses and garlanded by vivid bryony berries; and sprouting pithy wands of elder, strong grey spears of ash and angular spikes of black berried sloes.’
    • ‘The women garlanded them with soft, fragrant flowers.’
    • ‘The Eno series has been garlanded with high praise and rightly so; anything that puts his oeuvre up for discussion has to be worthy.’
    • ‘Villagers enjoyed the sight of the girl garlanding the dog the way a Hindu bride does.’
    • ‘Representatives of a few political parties garlanded the statue.’
    • ‘As a play it was garlanded with awards, and the film is expected to garner a ‘best picture’ nomination at the Oscars.’
    • ‘Two musicals adapted from movies, which have both been garlanded with awards on Broadway find their way to the British stage this month.’
    • ‘Practically any stationary object within a stone's throw of Princes Street has been garlanded with fairy lights.’
    • ‘These selections of players to be garlanded are entertaining, but the processes is inevitably flawed.’
    • ‘Tears rolled down the cheeks of onlookers as Rahul garlanded the statue of his grandmother.’
    • ‘When his play first took to the London stage in 1991, it was garlanded with awards.’
    • ‘First the groom garlanded the bride and then bent a little so that she could reach up to garland him.’
    • ‘They have been garlanded with a string of national awards and recommendations.’
    • ‘An early Booker winner, in 1971, for In a Free State, he has been garlanded and honoured by every major prize committee.’
    • ‘An enormous tree fills the intimate lobby, and the grand staircase is garlanded and accented with teddy bears.’
    festoon, wreathe, swathe, hang, loop, thread, drape, cover
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Middle English from Old French garlande, of unknown origin.