Meaning of garlic in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡɑːlɪk/

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mass noun
  • 1A strong-smelling pungent-tasting bulb, used as a flavouring in cooking and in herbal medicine.

    as modifier ‘garlic butter’
    • ‘Thai Rice Noodles is dressed in coconut hoisin sauce and garlic chili paste.’
    • ‘We were also occasionally served bread slices spread with garlic butter.’
    • ‘The garlic butter in which the mushrooms are cooked will help the flavour of the pastry enormously.’
    • ‘Marinade eggplants with olive oil, garlic confit, and add thyme, salt and pepper.’
    • ‘If there are too many outside layers of skin on the garlic bulbs, pull them off first.’
    • ‘The waitress suggested that I seasoned the food with garlic butter and olive oil, as a true Portuguese would do.’
    • ‘She asks again as the cook starts to prepare the accompanying potato and garlic purée.’
    • ‘We suggest the Pale Ale and, if you're hungry, a loaf of bread and garlic butter.’
    • ‘The naan bread should drip with garlic butter, the chicken glisten with chopped coriander and ghee.’
    • ‘Lay a demitasse spoon over the Parmesan powder and fill with garlic chips and parsley.’
    • ‘Her accompanying garlic bread is real bread with a proper crust, spread with freshly prepared garlic butter and chopped parsley.’
    • ‘Spain is seen as producing some of the world's best-quality garlic bulbs.’
    • ‘Put down the pick, pick up the shell, and pour the garlic butter that remains inside onto the bread.’
    • ‘Then I squeezed a couple of limes into the garlic butter, and threw in a couple of pinches of cayenne pepper.’
    • ‘To start with I would order crayfish with garlic butter, followed by loin of venison.’
    • ‘Add the cream, garlic olive oil and cod liver oil and fold to combine season, and set aside keeping warm.’
    • ‘The freshly buttered warm garlic toast made a tasty companion to the vegetable soup, and the pasta dishes were spot on.’
    • ‘Between the four of us we ordered two portions of garlic bread, and a portion of dough balls with garlic butter.’
    • ‘This is the place for spiced Moroccan lamb meatballs or grilled garlic mushrooms to start.’
    • ‘Use lemon juice to remove fish, garlic and onion odors from utensils, pans, even hands.’
  • 2The central Asian plant, closely related to the onion, which produces garlic.

    Allium sativum, family Liliaceae (or Alliaceae)

    ‘The family includes many familiar plant friends such as garlic, onion, asparagus tulip.’
    • ‘A member of the lily family, asparagus is also related to onions, leeks and garlic.’
    • ‘We also found that high consumption of onions and garlic, the allium family, was protective.’
    • ‘In September, add greens and English peas to the mix, and plant garlic and onions later in the month.’
    • ‘Good natural sources are barley, garlic, onion, parsley, lettuce and celery.’
    • ‘This is the process of bending the tops of bulbing onion and garlic plants to the ground after the leaves wither.’
    • ‘They provide us with asparagus, onion, and garlic, as well as many garden plants, such as daffodils.’
    • ‘Locations are based on evidence from onion and garlic, and on location of similar enzymes in other plants.’
    • ‘The onion family, including garlic and leeks, are good detoxifiers and are also antiseptic and antibacterial.’
    • ‘Onions, garlic and leeks are found to have conflicting images throughout much of the world.’
    • ‘There are some winter onions and garlic to make sauces and salads, early lettuces and even the occasional cob of corn.’
    • ‘We picked oregano from the field and gathered garlic, onions, and chilies from the shed.’
    • ‘Southern gardeners can only plant garlic if they know the temperature will dip low enough.’
    • ‘In the South and where winters are mild, garlic is planted in November and December.’
    • ‘They also harvest spices, wild onions and garlic in their garden and elsewhere.’
    • ‘In most of the articles I searched, garlic and onions were mentioned as great immune system boosters.’
    • ‘Both garlic and onion contain enzymes that activate the body's natural pain relief chemicals.’
    • ‘Shallots grow similarly to garlic in bulbs with pods covered in reddish brown skin.’
    • ‘Well, so far I've helped with the weeding, laughed at Haydn trying to water the bushes with a holey bucket and planted some garlic.’
    • ‘One of the greatest weapons in fighting vampires is a small, common vegetable named the garlic.’
    1. 2.1Used in names of plants with a similar smell or flavour to garlic, e.g. wild garlic.
      ‘We were whisked through a blur of forest, bright with flowering broom, wild orchids and garlic to the island's main town, Sali.’
      • ‘Wild onion and wild garlic are both winter perennials.’


Old English gārlēac, from gār ‘spear’ (because the shape of a clove resembles the head of a spear) + lēac ‘leek’.