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  • Using gas as its fuel.

    ‘gas-fired central heating’
    • ‘The work to replace ageing solid fuel central heating with gas-fired systems will cost £1m.’
    • ‘Athy Town Council tenants can look forward to having gas-fired central heating systems installed in their homes within the next few years.’
    • ‘Out of 213 units, 34 are gas-fired power plants, which account for 24 percent of the total power capacity.’
    • ‘The presence of the gas pipeline would allow for the construction of a small gas-fired Generating Station to replace Bellacorick peat station.’
    • ‘The strength of the pound and the ‘dash for gas’ - the promotion of gas-fired power stations - have hit the industry hard.’
    • ‘If the tests are successful it sees the eventual commercial use of petcoke as a way of cutting the plant's costs to help it compete with cheaper gas-fired power stations.’
    • ‘All the emergency lights were gas-fired and my mother used to sometimes give me a penny for some sweets.’
    • ‘Despite the longer period of time needed to construct gas-fired plants, PLN is determined to employ gas as a major source of energy in the future.’
    • ‘The gas-fired power station is currently under construction at the cost of €500m and will be in operation late next year.’
    • ‘It has gas-fired central heating and uPVC windows.’
    • ‘The most inefficient gadgets are gas-fired heaters which can use up the equivalent energy of 140 lightbulbs burning simultaneously.’
    • ‘Otherwise, the hardest choice aboard a stationery houseboat is what next to throw on the gas-fired barbie for breakfast, lunch or dinner and what to drink with it.’
    • ‘Throughout, National Grid has stuck to its position that the new line was needed to ensure security of supply when new gas-fired power stations came on stream.’
    • ‘While the operating costs of coal- and gas-fired power plants are cheaper than diesel, the former are much more costly to construct.’
    • ‘It is estimated that the gas-fired plant will reduce the amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere in Southampton by 85,000 tonnes a year.’
    • ‘The development of wind farms will be encouraged and two gas-fired electricity generation plants are to be commissioned this year.’
    • ‘The station will be gas-fired from an offshore field and will be the first combined-cycle power station in southern Africa.’
    • ‘But it could also accelerate a switch to cleaner gas-fired generation.’
    • ‘Heating in all houses is gas-fired, and allowances for kitchen, tiling, feature fireplaces, and sanitary ware is included.’
    • ‘The properties have gas-fired central heating with a normal gas boiler, radiator and thermostat system.’