Meaning of gas heater in English:

gas heater


  • A heater in which the combustion of gas is used as a source of heat.

    ‘she was sitting in front of a portable gas heater’
    • ‘I then walked into the den to turn on my gas heater.’
    • ‘Do not tape or insulate too close to the duct on top of a gas heater.’
    • ‘Like many bar owners he intends to put up gas heaters on his terrace for smokers.’
    • ‘There's a gas heater in the bathroom of our old house.’
    • ‘They should also have their gas heaters regularly serviced, to ensure proper combustion of the gas consumed.’
    • ‘Replacing natural gas heaters with gas-fired radiant heaters in a warehouse can reduce fuel use by 30 percent.’
    • ‘He claimed this was due to an accident with a wall-mounted gas heater.’
    • ‘Thankfully, I have a little gas heater to turn on to stay warm these days.’
    • ‘Appliances such as humidifiers, kerosene and gas heaters, and gas stoves add moisture to the air.’
    • ‘Their two cats were stretched out in front of their gas heater in a hypnotic-like trance.’
    • ‘On summer nights it's great to sit outside and if it gets a bit nippy they light the gas heaters.’