Meaning of gas lamp in English:

gas lamp


mainly historical
  • A lamp in which the combustion of gas is used as a source of light.

    ‘the street was well lit by gas lamps’
    • ‘In Victorian times, the railway company allayed passengers' fear of darkness by installing gas lamps along the tunnel.’
    • ‘Fifty years ago only a few flickering gas lamps lighted the most traveled thoroughfares.’
    • ‘Instead of bright gas lamps, candles were set up everywhere to create a soft glow.’
    • ‘Reproduction gas lamps and tree-lined pavements are only a part of the Council's regeneration scheme.’
    • ‘There was no running water or gas supply and the room was lit by old gas lamps.’
    • ‘We had a gas lamp just outside our wonderful new house, built just before the war.’
    • ‘Electric outages were common, so gas lamps were carried along for back-up.’
    • ‘In the flicker of the original gas lamps, you can glimpse the house at night from the narrow winding road leading down to it.’
    • ‘Although Fothergill could, in theory, have had electric lights in his offices, he opted for wall-mounted gas lamps.’
    • ‘I found a nice restaurant which was replete with old-fashioned gas lamps and Union Jack cushions.’