Meaning of gas lighter in English:

gas lighter


  • 1A cigarette lighter in which the combustion of gas is used to produce a flame.

    ‘he took his passport and slowly set it on fire with a gas lighter’
    • ‘More than half of the retailers we tested sold a gas lighter refill to a 14-year-old.’
    • ‘These days he always carries a pack of Marlboro, and a green gas lighter in his pocket.’
    • ‘The city's Community Safety Partnership has warned shops against "reckless sales" of butane gas lighter fuel.’
    • ‘He described the fire as an advanced one as the two warehouses contained flammable materials - stationery and gas lighters.’
    • ‘Three hard-core criminals had an intriguing modus operandi - they used a gas lighter in the shape of a toy revolver to loot their victims.’
    • ‘He started a blaze with a gas lighter.’
    • ‘The security forces carried out a rapid search in the shop, uncovering the following items: 768 packets of cannabis, 12 gas lighters, and 31 pipes of different drugs.’
    • ‘He heard a dude offer "Ten gas lighters for a pound".’
    • ‘In many parts of the world gas lighters have superseded friction matches as the main fire-making technique.’
  • 2A device for igniting gas.

    ‘piezo-electric gas lighters that produce a spark when the handle is squeezed’
    • ‘One of the simplest-looking of kitchen utensils is the "fireless" gas lighter.’
    • ‘There's 70% off shipping for the Culinaire gas lighter.’
    • ‘This refillable gas lighter has a long shaft which ensures a safe ignition distance from gas fires or stoves.’
    • ‘This electronic gas lighter is part of our View All baking range.’
    • ‘Our gas lighters offer a quick and safe way to ignite a gas stove or barbeque.’