Meaning of gas range in English:

gas range


North American
  • A large cooking stove in which the combustion of gas is used as the source of heat.

    ‘installing a gas range can be costly’
    • ‘In the breakfast area, a brick fireplace with gas range is an eye-catching feature.’
    • ‘Whatever you do, do not turn on your gas range to try to heat your home.’
    • ‘He enters the room and puts a pan of water to boil on his state-of-the-art, spanking new, two-burner gas range.’
    • ‘Flexible hookups for dishwashers and gas ranges can make repair jobs less labor intensive.’
    • ‘Any heat source, such as electric or gas ranges, camp stoves or wood fires, can be used to boil water.’
    • ‘Some appliances, such as gas ranges and wood-burning stoves, also can be potentially dangerous air pollutant sources.’
    • ‘As is true of a coal range, a gas range also requires a flue to carry off the products of unburned gas.’
    • ‘Tasty vegetarian meals are prepared by two cooks in a well-equipped kitchen complete with two gas ranges and two refrigerators.’
    • ‘For conventional electric and gas ranges or cook tops, we offer a complete line of hoods that can fit your cooking needs with features you desire.’
    • ‘Early on, they could not figure out how to start the gas range.’
    • ‘The custom-designed kitchen features granite work surfaces, an extensive range of wall and floor units and a six-ring gas range.’