Meaning of gas ring in English:

gas ring


mainly British
  • A series of gas burners arranged in a circle and used for cooking, typically as part of a cooker or hob.

    ‘she likes one-pot meals that can be cooked on a single gas ring’
    • ‘We cooked on a gas ring perched on the veranda.’
    • ‘With great ceremony he boiled water and milk on a gas ring.’
    • ‘I found a saucepan that was the right size for the can and placed it on one of the front gas rings.’
    • ‘The hut has gas rings and saucepans, cups and plates but no matches.’
    • ‘She had left the gas ring of her cooker turned on and there was also a leak at the gas meter.’
    • ‘Rob has to cook up a feast - but he's only got the camper van's two gas rings to work with.’
    • ‘The higher the kilowatts on a gas ring, the more gas it takes and the quicker it will heat the pan.’
    • ‘Each unit has a kitchenette with mini oven, two gas rings, telephone, fridge, colour television, bathroom, and a balcony.’
    • ‘I went back to check on the vegetables, only to find that she had turned the gas ring off.’
    • ‘He would bring in a crowd of dodgy friends during the day, often forgetting to lock the front door or leaving the gas rings on.’
    • ‘Each table has its own gas ring, and you cook the beef as you need it, then dip the slices in chilli or sesame sauce.’