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gas station


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North American
  • An establishment beside a road selling fuel for motor vehicles; a petrol station.

    ‘There is no statistical data about the number of petrol and gas stations, but it is estimated there are 2500.’
    • ‘If your crash site is at a remote location, services provided by gas stations and rest stops will be invaluable.’
    • ‘That's because the pumps are going dry at this gas station, as they have in many other gas stations that still have electricity.’
    • ‘He originally envisioned his engines running on vegetable oil, not the petroleum diesel now sold at gas stations.’
    • ‘There are a couple gas stations with convenience stores along Highway 3, and a couple restaurants.’
    • ‘The lines are quite long at gas stations here in southern Florida.’
    • ‘Many gas stations have modified the pump handle removing the feature that allows the fuel to flow automatically.’
    • ‘About the last five or six gas stations in the area are closed down.’
    • ‘We've also heard some reports that, you know, tempers are flaring at gas stations and that sort of thing.’
    • ‘Sideways, blinding rain blew in sheets, toppling roadside signs for hotels and gas stations.’
    • ‘That, in turn, has slowed oil refining and delivery of fuel to gas stations.’
    • ‘We went to one of the capital's gas stations, where fuel lines can last hours and sometimes even days.’
    • ‘Paul, who usually works nights at a local gas station, rubbed his red and puffy eyes.’
    • ‘I had to stop at a gas station and get a paper to find out that the power was out in New York and parts of Canada.’
    • ‘The other day I saw the same car at a gas station and pulled in to greet the owner before he drove away.’
    • ‘It would have taken ten whole minutes for one of them to run to the gas station and back.’
    • ‘At my suggestion, we drive round the town, asking gas stations and repair shops whether they might happen to need a mechanic.’
    • ‘Remember that you won't find gas stations out there and that any vehicle is likely to use more fuel across rugged terrain than it would on paved roads.’
    • ‘At eight cents a gallon, that's a savings of $1.20 compared to other gas stations.’
    • ‘Up ahead, there was an exit for restaurants, gas stations and a hotel.’