Meaning of gasconader in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɡaskəˈneɪdə/


  • A person who boasts extravagantly.

    ‘We suspect our friend the Chevalier to be somewhat of a gasconader.’
    • ‘He was considered somewhat of a Spanish gasconader and a bully.’
    • ‘In spite of contempt for the gasconader, his lordship was half angered by his impudence.’
    • ‘The idea that force alone is sufficient to subject a nation, is worthy only of the gasconaders in politics.’
    • ‘Many Gasconaders, he informed me, had threatened the assault, and even commenced the undertaking, but were compelled to give up the attempt.’
    boaster, brag, bragger, show-off, blusterer, trumpeter, swaggerer, poser, poseur, poseuse, peacock, egotist, self-publicist


Early 18th century from French gasconnade ‘extravagant boasting’ (see gasconade) + -er.