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gastric flu

Pronunciación /ˌɡastrɪk ˈfluː/

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mass noun
  • A short-lived stomach disorder of unknown cause, popularly attributed to a virus.

    ‘Harold had gone home, pleading that he was suffering from gastric flu’
    • ‘Norwalk-like virus, which is also called winter vomiting disease, or gastric flu, causes sickness, diarrhoea and fever and typically lasts from 24 to 48 hours.’
    • ‘Dave has an stomach ulcer, gastric flu and is practically bed-ridden.’
    • ‘Tests have identified the main cause of the outbreak as Norwalk virus, which is sometimes known as winter vomiting disease or gastric flu.’
    • ‘Having decided subconsciously that he probably had gastric flu that was doing the rounds in Exeter, I thought that a quick dose of prochlorperazine would rectify the situation.’
    • ‘He has been suffering from gastric flu but should recover.’
    • ‘Scores of schoolchildren on a ‘holiday of a lifetime’ were rushed back to the UK on a specially-chartered plane after a virulent strain of gastric flu struck down teachers and pupils.’
    • ‘After testing my heart, pulse, lungs, blood pressure etc., he decided I needed a blood test because I might be anaemic or have some sort of gastric flu.’
    • ‘He was a partner in an engineering firm which he co-founded, and spent many hours bird-watching, but his lifestyle was turned upside down by the condition, which developed after a bad bout of gastric flu.’
    • ‘She had a nasty bout of gastric flu just before the Christmas party season.’
    • ‘He not only brought home our only ‘bracelet’, he did it with severe gastric flu.’
    • ‘At first the symptoms seemed similar to a bout of gastric flu that he had suffered in 2003.’
    • ‘Actors can be terribly frustrating company; as forthcoming as a bout of gastric flu when talking about their character or spouting their studio line, mute when the conversation moves towards anything more substantial.’
    • ‘Britain is in the grip of a gastric flu outbreak that has spread from hospitals in Scotland to the south coast, health chiefs said yesterday.’
    • ‘Hundreds of pupils across South Yorkshire are off school with the gastric flu bug currently sweeping the country.’
    • ‘Pupils are still being struck down by the gastric flu bug at Britain's worst-hit school.’