Meaning of gastropub in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡastrə(ʊ)pʌb/

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  • A pub that specializes in serving high-quality food.

    ‘we've built our reputation on searching out obscure restaurants, gastropubs, cutting-edge bars, and superlative food venues’
    • ‘This will affect a large majority of the borough's pubs who have cashed in on the gastropub trend by serving bar snacks and full meals.’
    • ‘For those who bridle at the glaring omissions the reason is simply that I have restricted myself to restaurants or gastropubs that I have visited within the last year.’
    • ‘Nowadays there's the gastropub, an establishment driven as much by food as booze, frequently run by cooks without the equity to set up a restaurant proper.’
    • ‘Now they are increasingly gastropubs, with fine wines and restaurant-quality food, targeting a more conservative audience.’
    • ‘We eat together lots - in gastropubs and delis and, increasingly, nice tea rooms.’
    • ‘It used to be an average dark pub, but six years ago the windows became transparent: it was the first gastropub I went to.’
    • ‘In time, I guess, the bar will be turned into a gastropub.’
    • ‘I love all pubs, even gastropubs, so long as they don't destroy your proper pubs, because it would be a shame if youngsters only saw all that chrome and glass.’
    • ‘This may have been in the days before gastropubs but it was also before pre-cooked, microwaved contract catering, and the best thing on the menu was always the mixed grill.’
    • ‘He shuns the lookalike gastropubs with their lookalike clientele and points us in the direction of real food in real pubs.’
    • ‘If someone wants a bottle of something healthy and delicious at lunchtime with a sandwich, might they not also want it at home with their evening meal, at a gastropub at the weekend, or for their children in a school lunchbox?’
    • ‘The second time we meet, it's lunch at a gastropub near Fleet Street.’
    • ‘Whack them in the microwave for a few seconds, douse them in cream and pretend you're paying a fortune at a gastropub.’
    • ‘This is what I think is a seedy pub down the road from me, but they say is now an inexpensive gastropub.’
    • ‘You may be in for a surprise if you peek into the kitchen when next at your local gastropub.’
    • ‘The long, communal dining-table is laden with comforting home-cooked gastropub food.’
    • ‘Eggs and ham on a muffin stooped in hollandaise sauce is gastropub breakfast food for a chilly British winter.’
    • ‘Unless you're eating this ironically in a West London gastropub then the chances are your prawns are frozen shrimps bloated with sugar and salt water, then smothered in ketchup and mayonnaise.’
    • ‘It's now a lavishly refurbished and rather expensive gastropub.’
    • ‘Sipping an orange juice in a west London gastropub, he turns out to be a master of the admirable understatement.’


1990s from gastro- in gastronomy+ pub.