Meaning of gate money in English:

gate money


mass noun
  • 1British The total amount of money paid for admission to a sports ground for an event.

    ‘the gate money from the match will be shared between both clubs’
    • ‘Instead of taking a fixed salary he settled for five per cent of the gate money.’
    • ‘All gate money raised at the event will be presented to the Army Welfare Society for use of disabled soldiers.’
    • ‘Our gate money has gone into lawyers' pockets rather than into the development of the game.’
    • ‘But then, they cannot expect huge revenue from the gate money.’
    • ‘The cup games will raise some income but gate money is shared with their opponents.’
    • ‘Munro's winner was his first goal in senior football and will be worth £200,000 to the club in gate money.’
    • ‘City director McGill confirmed that the club is looking to economise when there is no gate money.’
    • ‘Sports drew most of their revenue from gate money, but tended to set admission prices well below what the market could bear.’
    • ‘Though the games will not be played in the islands, they will count as home fixtures, with the gate money being evenly divided among the Samoan, Fijian and Tongan rugby unions.’
    • ‘However, the gate money will come as a big boost for the club, who have already racked up £1,600 in competition winings.’
  • 2US informal Money given to a prisoner on their release.

    • ‘he got out of Pleasant Valley Prison with only $200 in gate money’
    • ‘Parolees come out of prison with $100 in what corrections officials call gate money, an amount that has not increased since the 1970s.’
    • ‘All he has is $200 in gate money he got when he left prison and a couple hundred he saved by working for 32 cents an hour.’
    • ‘Brown was not even paid the normal release stipend, or gate money, that prisoners traditionally receive.’
    • ‘States like New Hampshire have stopped their practice of giving gate money, in that state $50 to $100, to released prisoners.’
    • ‘Many inmates who have won early release are hitting the streets with up to only $200 in prison gate money and the clothes on their backs.’
    • ‘What do individuals leaving prison in your state get in terms of gate money?’
    • ‘When Joe walks out the prison gate, the only money he might have is the gate money he receives from the case manager.’
    • ‘Inmates are provided $200 gate money, transportation to the nearest bus station, and civilian clothes if necessary.’