Meaning of gateway in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡeɪtweɪ/

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  • 1An opening that can be closed by a gate.

    ‘we turned into a gateway leading to a cottage’
    • ‘With only two exits open - narrow gateways at that - there is no possibility that a panicked crowd could get safely to the lower level with no direction from anyone in authority.’
    • ‘New gateways and private entrances have yet to be created and farmers are still waiting for essential fencing work to be done.’
    • ‘The work involved the widening of the entrance gateway thus eradicating the danger of traffic emerging unto Church Road from the church grounds.’
    • ‘A bright green ribbon spanned the entrance at the gateway together with a Congratulations ribbon, which was cut.’
    • ‘The gateway, entrance and pathway required a bit of concrete work and a lot of gravel hauling.’
    • ‘Arrogant, selfish motorists think nothing of leaving their vehicles in front of entrances and gateways.’
    • ‘The entrances to the houses and the gateways got high praise and it goes to prove what a little effort can do.’
    • ‘But it was like a gateway, and when you opened the door, not only good things came through, but so do bad things.’
    • ‘The entrance through the outer ramparts was joined to the inner gateway by an ingeniously defended approach.’
    • ‘After the gateway, there are two such openings where the wall hits the sand.’
    • ‘Bags of household rubbish have been dumped into two streams - tributaries of the River Dalgan - while others have been thrown across fences and gateways into private property.’
    • ‘There was a fear that people would use the road more often to escape the gateways.’
    • ‘Janus was supposedly the god of new beginnings and gateways and was able to look backwards and forwards simultaneously.’
    • ‘Crowds waiting outside Windsor Castle applauded as the cortège made its way through the main gateway.’
    • ‘About a mile down the road, on the right, you'll come to an imposing brick gateway with wrought-iron gates.’
    • ‘They function as fencing around a front courtyard, as siding on the house and a small gateway, and as paneling on interior walls and partitions.’
    gateway, doorway, entrance, exit, egress, opening
    1. 1.1A frame or arch built around or over a gate.
      ‘a big house with a wrought-iron gateway’
      • ‘During these months, Wright's original vision of ornamental concrete arched gateways scaled to frame the auditorium became steel bridges on columns subordinate in size to the auditorium.’
      • ‘The gateway frames part of the curving balustrade, helping to point the way to the front door.’
      • ‘Through the arch of the inner gateway mined buildings are visible, scattered across a grassy plateau with the citadel on higher ground at the far end.’
      • ‘Although a bridge associated with two arches or gateways is found in the tradition derived from Ligorio, these are never both placed on the bridge proper.’
      • ‘This was one of many neoclassical projects - columns, gateways, and arches were the commonest - intended to commemorate the Napoleonic wars.’
      • ‘The whole structure pivots upward to form a gateway arch.’
      • ‘The gateway arch was dark - evidently it isn't lit during the wee hours of the morning.’
      • ‘Boasting a four-storey arched gateway, the building covered an area of 1,900 square metres and had a total of 3,400 square metres floor space.’
      • ‘Towers, statues, pointed ceilings, balconies, gateways, and windows decorated the castle from the outside, creating a marvel for those outside to take in.’
      • ‘This could be due to the fact that the square was a essentially a static form, signifying calm and rest, while the entrance gateway needed to have some dynamism.’
      • ‘Up ahead he could see the gateway that marked the entrance to ‘The Garden’.’
      • ‘But it is not only that sweater; it is the buildings, walls, doors, gateways, gardens, and homes that carry the very same historical and memorial weight.’
      • ‘This was the genesis of the famous gopurams, or entrance gateways of the temple cities of the south.’
      • ‘Soon after, the gateway, entrance passage, and parts of the ramparts were attacked and heavily burnt.’
      • ‘From time to time, a group of bearded clerics wearing their traditional cloaks emerge from the tiny entrance to the Church of the Nativity, a gateway so low that adults must bend to pass in and out of the shrine.’
      • ‘Its main structures include the temple gate, memorial gateways, halls, wing-rooms, a mausoleum pavilion and a garden.’
      • ‘This straw-dry, stone-strewn river plain is perfect for grapes, planted in long straight rows protected by tidy fences with impressive gateways and fancy names for the wines they produce.’
      • ‘The entire surface of the gateways is covered with bas-reliefs representing scenes from the life of Gautama Buddha, stories from the Jatakas, along with decorative elements.’
      • ‘The still, quiet atmosphere of the temple is haunting as I walk through the unique construction of four gateways - unlike other temples on the island.’
      • ‘In addition, there are five ancient ancestral temples, four schools, one reading room, two pavilions, and three memorial gateways.’
    2. 1.2A place regarded as giving access to another place.
      ‘Mombasa, the gateway to East Africa’
      • ‘New buildings line the west edge of West Street; a new public square on West Street marks the gateway to the financial district.’
      • ‘Many investors and companies view Ireland as the gateway to the market of 370 million people, which comprises the membership of the European Union.’
      • ‘Two towers were built across the world from each other and were apparently the gateway to another world.’
      • ‘Still, as the war approached its final season, Mobile was one of the South's last strongholds, the gateway to an untouched plantation hinterland.’
      • ‘Bergen, a charming port city, is the gateway to the country's most impressive fjords.’
      • ‘For centuries Gravesend was an important shipping centre and the town still calls itself the gateway to the Port of London.’
      • ‘The strategically located Gwalior fort was fair game, in its position as the gateway to central India, for all would-be potentates.’
      • ‘Many companies, particularly from America, view Ireland as the gateway to the marketplace of the EU.’
      • ‘At the same time, French ports, the gateway to the world under the Ancien Régime, were steadily undermined.’
      • ‘We will continue to market Ireland for the purposes of inward investment as the gateway to the market place of an enlarged European Union.’
      • ‘Trevelez is, perhaps, Spain's highest village, the gateway to the Upper Sierra Nevada and the winter ski-slopes, and was as high as I drove.’
      • ‘Two hours north by air is Shark Bay airport, the gateway to a World Heritage area and the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort, which offers so much more than just swish hotels and room service.’
      • ‘Rochdale Railway Station could become the gateway to the town under new plans disclosed this week.’
      • ‘The Millfield roundabout on York's ring road has become the gateway to a number of potential snack spots.’
      • ‘Katima Mulilo, the regional capital, is the gateway to the Chobe National Park in Botswana and the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.’
      • ‘Bolton has marketed itself as the gateway to the North-west, close to major attractions and just an hour's drive to the Lake District, which itself has not been included in the survey.’
      • ‘‘We look forward to seeing the new design and making progress towards creating the gateway to Settle that local people want to see,’ she added.’
      • ‘The gateway to the World Heritage Bungle Bungles is a small community called Warmun, halfway between Halls Creek and Kununurra in the east Kimberley.’
      • ‘Anywhere in the Southern Alps it is easy to feel as Samuel Butler's hero did in Erewhon, that the high pass at the head of the valley is the gateway to some mysterious land.’
      • ‘This place is the gateway to the high Andes and the Chilean border.’
    3. 1.3A means of achieving a state or condition.
      ‘to me a home in the country was a gateway to happiness’
      • ‘What is life to someone who wishes that death was a gateway to paradise and that life is just a journey of hardships?’
      • ‘This book - several feet high - is the gateway, literally by way of a hidden passage, to the next section, The Dragon's Hand.’
      • ‘The gateway course also provides a route in to higher education for those seeking a change in direction in terms of their career path.’
      • ‘It was pointed out that access is the gateway to full participation in society for people with both physical and sensory disabilities.’
      • ‘For medical researchers and other scientists, it's the gateway to funding, publication, and career advancement.’
  • 2Computing
    A device used to connect two different networks, especially a connection to the internet.

    ‘All that we had was a customer that had two different gateways, two different internet connections; if one were to fail they would switch to the other one.’
    • ‘Implementing security at the internet gateway can block phishing email and sites.’
    • ‘The company also offers packaged Internet devices and Ethernet gateways.’
    • ‘A gateway has an Internet connection on one side, and some sort of LAN connection on the other.’
    • ‘But it's possible to demand subscriptions through access gateways, then give patrons rights of use through those gateways by asking them for the bar code numbers on their library cards.’