Meaning of gather dust in English:

gather dust


(also collect dust)
  • Remain unused.

    ‘some professors let their computers gather dust’
    • ‘A survey last year revealed many parents put the value of unused and unwanted toys gathering dust in their cupboards at up to £500.’
    • ‘Often times, they even have a seemingly obsolete computer that is unused and is gathering dust somewhere.’
    • ‘Many families also have unused sports equipment sitting in their garage gathering dust, which we can turn into cash.’
    • ‘It could have remained that way, disused and neglected, gathering dust and cobwebs.’
    • ‘She was extremely interested in ancient Egypt and the mysteries that she knew still remained hidden in undiscovered passages, collecting dust.’
    • ‘Do a little spring cleaning - unused equipment that has been collecting dust in the bottom of lockers for years should be taken home.’
    • ‘The sink, mopping bucket, and various cleaning supplies lay unused in the corner of the room, collecting dust and cobwebs.’
    • ‘The result is another shirt, pair of pants or shoes that remain in the closet, collecting dust for years to come.’
    • ‘With that title, it sounds like the sort of hardcore skin-flick which gathers dust and sweaty fingerprints on a shelf in Amsterdam.’
    • ‘His report gathers dust as the benefits system becomes ever more complicated.’