Meaning of Gatso in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡatsəʊ/

nounplural noun Gatsos

(also Gatso camera)
  • A camera which automatically takes a photograph of road vehicles travelling over a certain speed (as measured by radar).

    ‘He said the fixed Gatso speed cameras, housed in yellow boxes on top of grey pillars, were paid for by speeding drivers through fines and not through taxation.’
    • ‘The device warns drivers of their speed as they approach Gatso speed cameras.’
    • ‘In towns (especially near schools) excessive speed should be severely punished and that is where all the Gatsos should be situated.’
    • ‘Make no mistake: visible, stationary Gatsos cut speeding and reduce accidents - this has been statistically proven in Britain, and is not a subject for debate.’
    • ‘Passers-by were astonished when they saw the driver cutting down the Gatso camera in the Summit area of Bury New Road, Heywood.’
    • ‘On the A52, near the outskirts of the city, I approached a set of traffic lights with a Gatso on it.’
    • ‘Far better than introducing ever more unreasonable bans which, in the main, are impractical to police, would be to bring back the traffic division police, whose numbers seem to have been cut in favour of revenue raising Gatsos.’
    • ‘While many motorists campaign vociferously against speed cameras, there is a less vocal group keen to see more Gatsos.’
    • ‘The fixed-position Gatso camera uses a flash to capture offending drivers from behind on film.’
    • ‘Vandals strapped explosives to the Gatso in what is thought to be the first attack of its kind.’
    • ‘It has become common knowledge that there are many working Gatsos out there but also a number of empty shells that contain nothing but air.’
    • ‘Is Gatso going to become the next big thing in Ireland?’
    • ‘Each Gatso camera stores images on a film capable of taking 800 pictures, or 400 offences.’
    • ‘Compared to the traditional Gatso grey boxes, they offer local authorities a greater flexibility in deterring speeding motorists.’
    • ‘I drove to Leeds the other day, using the Skipton route, and having passed through Salesbury, did not see another Gatso camera until my return.’
    • ‘Traffic police operate seven Gatso camera vans in every division of the country - two in Dublin and one in every other division.’
    • ‘The string of eight Gatso cameras was introduced along a one-mile section of Leeds Road, between Thackley and Shipley, in October, 2002.’
    • ‘The string of Gatso cameras were introduced to Leeds Road, Shipley, in October and since then there has not been one accident.’
    • ‘Locations for 12 Gatso cameras - yellow boxes on top of grey pillars - include Horton Grange Road, Otley Road, St Enochs Road, Westgate and White Abbey Road in Bradford.’
    • ‘The speed limit was cut from 40 mph to 30 mph and four Gatso cameras, housed in yellow boxes on top of grey pillars, were switched on in March.’


1970s from the name of Maurice Gatsonides, Dutch racing driver (1911–98).