Meaning of Gawd in English:



  • God (used for emphasis or to express surprise, anger, etc.)

    ‘Oh Gawd! I'd completely forgotten about it’
    • ‘The old lady saw us and just yelled [in an American drawl], ‘Oh my Gawd!’’
    • ‘Fer Gawd's sake, I hope it won't take long, I'm bloody thirsty!’
    • ‘Like fer Gawd's sake, that was last year's news.’
    • ‘If they'd had their way we would have invaded Russia, for Gawd's sake.’
    • ‘Oh my Gawd, I'm turning into a moaning, old git.’
    • ‘Dear Gawd, I cannot believe that my party could actually be this dumb.’
    • ‘What in Gawd's name is it going to take to get these people to actually, you know, do their jobs?’
    • ‘I was waiting for you to jump on the table and gloat about having him ask you out, but you… Gawd, you weren't acting like yourself.’