Meaning of gay marriage in English:

gay marriage

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  • Marriage between partners of the same sex (as recognized in some jurisdictions).

    ‘He disagrees with his former party's stance on gay marriage.’
    • ‘In her candidate statement, she says she is an "unequivocal supporter of gay marriage."’
    • ‘During the 2000 campaign, he said gay marriage should be a matter for states to decide.’
    • ‘Polls have indicated that support for legally recognizing gay marriages has grown in Canada to include approximately 50 per cent of the population.’
    • ‘The American Presbyterian Church recently approved gay marriages.’
    • ‘Since 1989, gay marriage has been a reality in Scandinavia.’
    • ‘Jim doesn't see anything morally wrong with gay marriage.’
    • ‘They both believe that the film could help to advance the cause of gay marriage.’
    • ‘Anyone hoping for an affirming comedy about gay marriage will have to find another movie; this is a journey straight into gay divorce.’
    • ‘Gay marriages are increasingly common whether or not they are formally recognized by the state.’
    • ‘Some religious denominations and churches recognize and perform gay marriages.’