Meaning of gayal in English:


Pronunciation /ɡʌɪˈjɑːl/


  • A domesticated ox used in South Asia.

    Bos frontalis, family Bovidae, descended from the wild gaur

    ‘The tribes also barter their kills for a type of red salt from China that they feed to livestock, most of which are gayals (the domestic form of the gaur).’
    • ‘These species do not share other mutations, so taurine cattle, zebu, banteng, and gayal all occupy separate branches in the network.’
    • ‘On this occasion the performer provides 40-45 rice beer pots, one gayal and rice to the villagers.’
    • ‘Sacrificial gayals are slaughtered and it is followed by singing, dancing and drinking of alcoholic beverages.’
    • ‘One gayal was shot dead and the rest were too frightened to visit nearby communes where they often drink water.’


Late 18th century from Bengali.