Meaning of gazunder in English:


Pronunciation /ɡəˈzʌndə/


[with object] informal British
  • Lower the amount of an offer that one has made to (the seller of a property), typically just before the exchange of contracts.

    • ‘the couple have just been gazundered in one of London's most expensive areas’
    • ‘Whereas gazumping gave sellers the upper hand, allowing them to accept 11 th hour bids above the original offer, gazundering turns the tables on them.’
    • ‘A new home buying process offered by estate agents has been launched that claims make the process quicker, and prevent gazumping or gazundering with comparable costs to the conventional system.’
    • ‘Gazumping and gazundering sound contagious - do I really want to buy a flat?’
    • ‘They certainly won't do anything to stop gazundering.’
    • ‘Unscrupulous buyers might also decide to play dirty and indulge in a bit of gazundering - they put in a lower offer just before the exchange of contracts.’


Late 1980s humorous blend of gazump and under.