Meaning of gearing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡɪərɪŋ/


  • 1The set or arrangement of gears in a machine.

    ‘the mill's internal waterwheel and gearing survive’
    • ‘That involvement is demonstrated by several surviving sets of Jefferson's calculations concerning the gearing of the machine and by its conversion to a portable machine.’
    • ‘The waterwheel shaft and main gearing are well below the first floor of the mill.’
    • ‘The water mill, here nestled in a deep valley, is driven by a large, undershot, vertical waterwheel and right-angle gearing.’
    • ‘The all-mechanical system transfers torque via the friction developed within the internal gearing, and does not require wheel slip to function.’
    • ‘Always factor in the gearing, torque-converter stall speed, vehicle weight, and tire diameter.’
    • ‘Torque transfer is a function of the internal gearing, which generates frictional resistance to differentiation through the axial and radial thrust forces of the gears in the differential.’
    • ‘Through an arrangement of gearing, this drives a wheel - which could, in principle, be used to generate electricity.’
    • ‘Torque is differentiated through the frictional forces developed by the internal gearing.’
    • ‘The use of a two-speed transmission, special gearing, and belt drive enables the hand to easily open and close.’
    • ‘What actually happens is they ‘gear up’ the transmission by not only changing the final gearing in the transmission, but by also changing the size of the rear wheels.’
    • ‘And every racetrack requires a little different gearing, so we have to go through the transmissions and change the gearing.’
    • ‘The first mode, or input-split is used only at launch and low speeds, so the initial gearing in the transmission can be smaller.’
    • ‘Internal hub gearing still predominates in some regions, particularly on utility bikes, whereas in other regions external derailleur systems predominate.’
    • ‘And there will also be other jobs to do from time to time, like changing brake pads, fitting a new chain, changing sprockets to alter your gearing.’
    • ‘The operational settings include the suspension, the gearing, the brakes, and the stabilizers.’
    • ‘Intelligent gearing, with sixth proving something of an economy gear, even means the fuel consumption isn't too crippling on a long run.’
    • ‘The engine plant also produces the gearbox and highly complicated gearing components.’
    • ‘The low gearing and flat torque curve helps around town; the engine is tractable, and will pull from low road speeds in top gear.’
    • ‘The left nosewheel actuating cylinder had cracked through, leaking lubricant until the gearing inside created enough friction to move the casing apart.’
    • ‘He published the first theoretical treatise on mills, and patented improvements to their gearing and scoop wheels.’
  • 2British The ratio of a company's loan capital (debt) to the value of its ordinary shares (equity).

    Also called leverage (sense 2 of the noun)

    ‘the firm expects its gearing to rise to 20 per cent’
    • ‘However the company could do with shedding a few extra pounds of debt, as its gearing is a hefty 310%.’
    • ‘The remaining £445m will go to paying off debts, thus reducing gearing to a healthier 33%.’
    • ‘According to him, investment mortgages can be raised in Ireland, Britain and elsewhere, depending on the mix of equity and gearing that is required by the individual investor.’
    • ‘Its debt will stand at $315 million at year-end, a comfortable gearing of 26 per cent for a company that throws off $200 million in cash each year.’
    • ‘With gearing at year-end of 63 per cent, its acquisitions in 2004 are likely to be bolt-on in nature.’
    • ‘At June 30, the company had cash of about HK $550 million, with a liquidity ratio of 3.4 times and a gearing ratio of 22.8 per cent.’
    • ‘Company gearing, the level of borrowing relative to equity, currently stands at a stretched 120 per cent.’
    • ‘That, combined with cash released from a wind-down of working capital in the second half, should see year-end gearing substantially lower.’
    • ‘But the banks which have done well are those with a gearing towards the fixed income [or bonds] market.’
    • ‘At the moment the company owes £30b, giving it a gearing of 100%.’
    • ‘However, thanks to their gearing (which means that they magnify the gains or losses of the underlying security), warrants are particularly risky little beasts.’
    • ‘It is the least burdened, but its gearing is still 70%!’
    • ‘So gearing increases your risks but, if you have reason to believe that your investment will generally give you a higher return than the cost of your borrowing, then it can work very well.’
    • ‘However, the gearing of some 47% at this company is a little off-putting.’
    • ‘Wow, that's some return - and all thanks to the gearing (the magnifying effect) of borrowing money to buy an asset!’
    • ‘The gearing ratio of the company was 11.8 per cent, compared with the restated 17.1 per cent a year earlier.’
    • ‘Its gearing ratio has dropped to 30 per cent, from 52.1 per cent at the end of last year.’
    • ‘He says cheap borrowing and the regular revenues from rental has helped keep debt gearing well within limits.’
    • ‘The average gearing ratio for the last 20 years is 46 per cent.’
    • ‘Following the most recent harvest, an analyst said it may possibly survive at a gearing of 50%.’