Meaning of gelato in English:


Pronunciation /dʒəˈlɑːtəʊ/

noungelati/dʒəˈlɑːti/ , gelatos

mass noun
  • Italian or Italian-style ice cream.

    ‘raspberry tart topped with vanilla gelato’
    • ‘a cafe famous for its mouthwatering gelatos’
    • ‘There is also a small separate menu with ice cream and gelati.’
    • ‘We sampled a few before settling on two small cups with two scoops each: chocolate sorbet and fresh mint gelato for him, and milk chocolate and strawberry gelatos for me.’
    • ‘These confections do grievous bodily harm to the good name of Italian gelati and wreak havoc with a mango kulfi which tastes, not of the customary mango and reduced milk, but of laboratory peach with a hint of amarena cherries.’
    • ‘For the gelato: Drain yogurt through cheesecloth overnight in refrigerator.’
    • ‘Italian gelato is the best, especially after dinner.’
    • ‘The restaurant will be selling authentic Italian gelati made on the premises, as well as pizza and pasta from original recipes.’
    • ‘The gelato here is thick, gooey, and delicious.’
    • ‘The Italian teaser, for example, features tiramisu with baby cannolis, tart lemon curd gelato, and brandied coffee sauce.’
    • ‘Apparently, it's the best gelato in Atlanta (it says so on the outside).’
    • ‘For the espresso gelato: Line the bottom of eight 2-inch diameter ring molds with plastic wrap and set aside.’
    • ‘For the mint gelato, in a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine the heavy cream, half the sugar and half the mint and simmer for three minutes.’
    • ‘It means that from now on you don't get the good chocolate, the good panettone, the good biscuits and the good gelato either.’
    • ‘My take is that gelato is to ice cream what a mocha-caramel latte is to a cup of joe.’
    • ‘After a hard day's sightseeing, sitting with a bowl of ice-cream (the Romans say they do the best gelati in the world) and watching the city go about its business is sublimely relaxing.’
    • ‘While gelato is primarily considered an adult-oriented product, frozen custard is designed to be fun for the entire family.’
    • ‘The freezer case is getting a little more crowded as consumers become acquainted with gelato and frozen custard.’
    • ‘On the other hand, there's the gelato - exquisite, full-bodied, succulent.’
    • ‘The boysenberry gelato was a bit sweet for my taste, but showed some real magic in that it was served with a huge sprig of fresh mint, a sign of someone who cares about scent as well as taste.’