Meaning of gender role in English:

gender role


  • The role or behaviour learned by a person as appropriate to their gender, determined by the prevailing cultural norms.

    ‘the emphasis on maintaining traditional gender roles’
    • ‘We've thrown out antiquated, sexist dating rules and gender roles.’
    • ‘Beyond its beautifully executed thriller elements, Flynn offers up some very amusing and incisive commentary on gender role expectations in modern relationships.’
    • ‘Other researchers have found that people with traditional views on gender roles are 25 percent more politically conservative.’
    • ‘While the traditional gender roles of men as providers and women as housekeepers remained rigid, times were beginning to change.’
    • ‘Originally placing men as breadwinners and women as caregivers, these states have attempted to rebalance gender roles in their programs over the decades.’
    • ‘Most of the female characters I admire come from science fiction and fantasy, maybe because there's more permission to shake up gender roles in genre.’
    • ‘Ripley challenged gender roles with her ruthless, take-no-prisoners alien battles and the role was so popular, it earned her an Oscar nomination in 1986.’
    • ‘Reviewing newspaper articles from the past is a great way to track social attitudes towards gender roles, politics and popular opinion.’
    • ‘Peggy, buoyed by her ambition, refuses to be stymied by convention or traditional gender roles.’
    • ‘She believes parents have a big role to play in challenging the stereotypes and gender roles promoted by many toy companies.’