Meaning of gendered in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛndəd/


  • Relating or specific to people of one particular gender.

    ‘gendered occupations’
    • ‘Additionally, the new inclusivity in labour historiography may have specific effects in gendered maritime history.’
    • ‘That bias is gendered in that women face more demands than men on the home front when a spouse or children are present.’
    • ‘This gendered language marginalizes female competitors by reducing our identity.’
    • ‘If the Doppelgänger is indeed gendered male, then it frequently embodies gender trouble for the masculine subject.’
    • ‘The paradoxical implication is of a specific radicalized and gendered tabula rasa.’
    • ‘The specifics of the gendered division of society were a middle-class luxury.’
    • ‘Rather, war is a gendered activity with specific, frequently subordinate, positions for women.’
    • ‘Playing with cars, trains or aeroplanes was definitely a gendered occupation.’
    • ‘His idea of the female principle was not a sexist gendered notion of the passive female.’
    • ‘Two other poems suggest a similar male response to the complexities of negotiating a gendered world.’
    • ‘Enclosures are gendered spaces, with the external kitchen area a female realm.’
    • ‘I have gotten to the point where I just don't go into gendered spaces.’
    • ‘Men are also gendered beings, and are affected in negative ways through the social construction of masculinity.’
    • ‘Other labels draw attention to the organization of the space in the camp and to the gendered division of labor.’
    • ‘The gendered colour schemes and tribal patterns also embody stability of identity in a culture constantly on the move.’
    • ‘The gendered, traditional model is waning, but equal sharing has not become dominant.’
    • ‘Another shortfall is the way it has been gendered, something evident in all linguistic movements.’
    • ‘This practice is perpetuated by women, but justified in gendered terms.’
    • ‘But she herself brought beliefs about gendered relations that I was unable to affect.’
    • ‘It has also attempted to examine the ways in which gendered norms are encoded in the values conveyed by these sites.’