Meaning of generalist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛn(ə)rəlɪst/

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  • A person competent in several different fields or activities.

    ‘Look to your own ranks to find competent generalists.’
    • ‘Two recent molecular studies removed these doubts for several species and show that most of the dominant species were acting as generalists under field conditions.’
    • ‘The analyses in table 6 assess whether generalists and specialists learn differently from heterogeneous accident experiences.’
    • ‘There is much work in organizational ecology investigating the differential life chances of generalists and specialists over time.’
    • ‘In commercial airlines, there may be analogous differences in learning between generalists and specialists.’
    • ‘We can measure wins and losses in competitive trials between generalists and specialists.’
    • ‘Do generalists differ from specialists in the prescription of cognitive enhancers?’
    • ‘As it happens, he is in the process of inventing a new form of education, designed to help us all become generalists rather than specialists.’
    • ‘Future research into exactly why generalists and specialists learn differently from these different sources of failure information would be useful.’
    • ‘Leaders are, ideally, generalists that can understand and handle many different parts of a company.’
    • ‘Few organisms are generalists that can live equally well in different habitats.’
    • ‘For the generalists the lure of assignments in different corners of the world is perhaps the main attraction of their work.’
    • ‘Bench statements are read in open court to an audience that has no idea what cases (if any) will be released that morning, so they are addressed to generalists.’
    • ‘These are the analytical tools that judges, who in our system are generalists rather than specialists, bring to the task of adjudicating cases in specialized fields of law.’
    • ‘Since they are often generalists whose popularity extends beyond partisan lines, they can have a subtle, almost imperceptible political influence.’
    • ‘The problem is not when generalists specialize, but when specialists generalize.’
    • ‘I accept that when politicians run departments, they're there as generalists whom specialists report to, but in all other circumstances why should the head guy be the most clueless?’
    • ‘‘There were too many generalists,’ said one company insider.’
    • ‘Non-executives, selected for being generalists with insight, are now often required to second guess management in areas beyond their technical competence.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, 29 species of habitat generalists - like the carrion crow and the wren - have increased by an average of 23 percent.’