Meaning of Generation Rent in English:

Generation Rent


  • A generation of young adults who, because of high house prices, live in rented accommodation and are regarded as having little chance of becoming homeowners.

    ‘it feels as if many of us in Generation Rent will never know what it is to own a home’
    • ‘It remains to be seen if Generation Rent is just holding off on home purchase or preparing for a lifetime of renting.’
    • ‘The couple is a relatively wealthy example of London's Generation Rent: people shut out of the city's housing market by high prices.’
    • ‘In a bid to woo members of Generation Rent, he will promise today to build 200,000 cut-price starter homes by 2020.’
    • ‘The young are not the only group to whom Labour is trying to appeal, but it could have most traction with Generation Rent.’
    • ‘And yet I think it's time that generation rent got together and rose, because their voice is powerful.’
    • ‘Generation Rent is predicted to have grown by another half a million by 2020.’
    • ‘The General Election is less than 100 days away but will the winners help generation rent?’
    • ‘Perhaps if generation rent gave up holidays, cars, expensive phones, restaurant meals, drinking excessively etc., they might save enough for the deposit!’
    • ‘Generation Rent is at the forefront of a movement against the increase in buy-to-let purchases.’
    • ‘The findings are a stark example of the chicken-and-egg scenario that Generation Rent are having to juggle.’