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Generation Z

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  • The generation born in the late 1990s or the early 21st century, perceived as being familiar with the use of digital technology, the internet, and social media from a very young age.

    ‘coding is becoming more and more integral for Generation Z’
    • ‘Generation Z hasn't given up on the satisfaction of creating new things.’
    • ‘Generation Z 's arrival in the workforce will certainly will be notable, if for nothing else than it marks a major milestone for an age group that has lived all its life with the internet.’
    • ‘The oldest of Generation Z are just heading off to college.’
    • ‘Members of Generation Z have different habits and opinions about how technology fits into their lives, and the tech industry is taking notice’
    • ‘Since those workers tend to be Generation Y—and soon Generation Z—they're more likely to be on social media.’
    • ‘Generation Z employees aren't much different from millennials in terms of what they want and expect from a workplace.’
    • ‘Generation Z likes to go online to research options but then often shops in physical stores.’
    • ‘Generation Z will have its own impact on the housing market in a few years.’
    • ‘Generation Z would rather have a digital conversation than a real-life discussion in many instances.’
    • ‘The social media channels preferred by Generation Z tend to differ from those used by Millennials.’


1990s as the next in the alphabetical sequence of Generation X and Generation Y.