Meaning of genetic engineering in English:

genetic engineering


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mass noun
  • The deliberate modification of the characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genetic material.

    ‘RNA is also taking a place in the areas of gene therapy and genetic engineering.’
    • ‘The genetic engineering of livestock for human medical applications is known as pharming.’
    • ‘With this in mind, why the sudden panic about a few pollen grains and the outrage against gene manipulation by genetic engineering?’
    • ‘You've been an outspoken critic of genetically modified foods and genetic engineering.’
    • ‘Wheat is a major world crop and as such is a primary target for improvement of agronomic characteristics via genetic engineering.’
    • ‘How do plants produced by genetic engineering differ from those produced by traditional breeding?’
    • ‘Who is going to stop someone from creating designer babies by genetic engineering?’
    • ‘It is not the case that the genes of the salmon itself are altered with genetic engineering.’
    • ‘This genetic engineering is inseparable from global economic systems, with its global reach and ambition.’
    • ‘The manipulation of tomato fruit quality through genetic engineering is reasonably well advanced.’
    • ‘That may be true in medicine, but in athletics, genetic engineering is not a theme of science fantasy, but a sobering fact of our cyborg present.’
    • ‘And of course these days, anything's possible especially with genetic engineering.’
    • ‘The present corporate-sponsored push for genetic engineering aims at reversing this situation.’
    • ‘Perhaps the ultimate preventive treatment will involve some form of genetic engineering.’
    • ‘Never before has this been done with so little foresight as is happening now with genetic engineering.’
    • ‘Does the transformation of scales into feathers require massive genetic engineering?’
    • ‘The transatlantic dispute over genetic engineering threatens to be much more divisive.’
    • ‘There are appropriate uses of genetic engineering, and there are inappropriate uses.’
    • ‘Genomics and genetic engineering are also playing a substantial role in the development of agricultural biotechnology.’
    • ‘The advancement of genetic engineering and biotechnology will further alienate farmer from farming.’