Meaning of genetic information in English:

genetic information


mass noun
  • The genetic potential of an organism carried in the base sequence of its DNA (or, in some viruses, RNA) according to the genetic code.

    ‘Finally, DNA represents the conserved genetic information and has more or less to be synthesized only once per cell cycle.’
    • ‘The discovery that RNA can carry genetic information has led to other discoveries as well.’
    • ‘There are other ways of abstracting genetic information than gene sequencing and testing.’
    • ‘In most eukaryotic cells, genetic information is housed in both the nucleus and mitochondria.’
    • ‘Rearrangements shuffle the order of genes and often delete genetic information.’
    • ‘If it is genomic DNA that is being degraded, the loss of genetic information will ultimately lead to cell death.’
    • ‘This growing insight into how our cells carry our genetic information led to further knowledge and understanding in the cloning world.’
    • ‘Natural selection is based upon genetic information, and we gain more control over that information every day.’
    • ‘Our past informs us that there is a dark side, that potentially harmful things can be done with genetic information.’
    • ‘Plasmid mediated production is often acquired by transfer of genetic information from one organism to another.’
    • ‘Thus, centromeres are critical for the segregation and transmission of genetic information.’
    • ‘Many fear that genetic information about individuals will be used to discriminate against them, and this is a concern that has to be taken seriously.’
    • ‘In addition, the privacy of genetic information must be assured.’
    • ‘These benefits are a counterweight to the concerns voiced about the misuse of genetic information.’
    • ‘We use that genetic information to identify the sequences that we then synthesise using peptide chemistry.’
    • ‘Every living cell on the Earth today uses DNA to store its genetic information and uses proteins to catalyse its metabolic reactions.’
    • ‘Comparative genome mapping has become a powerful technique in finding genes by using genetic information gained in another species.’
    • ‘It translates genetic information from messenger ribonucleic acid and makes protein accordingly.’
    • ‘The maintenance of the genetic information carried by the DNA is essential to cell survival upon dehydration and rehydration.’
    • ‘Cell division in the embryo and throughout life involves replication of the DNA that carries the genetic information.’