Meaning of geocode in English:



[with object]
  • Provide geographical coordinates corresponding to (a location)

    ‘participants' residential addresses were geocoded, enabling individual survey data to be linked with data on land use’
    as noun geocoding ‘only about 70 per cent of addresses were of a standard that would allow geocoding’
    • ‘It will be possible to use data from national bases on geographic sources of pollution thanks to geocoding of the dwellings concerned.’
    • ‘Geocoding of residential addresses provided more accurate assessment of potential environmental exposure to NOA at the individual level than methods using less precise geographic classification.’
    • ‘The additional functionality will be supplied by features such as geographic analysis tools, geocoding, and latitude and longitude input capability.’
    • ‘The update added the ability to find the city and country where a photo was taken through reverse geocoding.’
    • ‘Finally, full-text geocoding attempts to identify, disambiguate, and convert textual geographic references to geographic coordinates.’
    • ‘Of the seventy-three known brownfield sites geocoded, eighteen are vulnerable.’
    • ‘They say that currently only 4 % of Tweets are geocoded.’
    • ‘Any geocoded data can be mapped.’
    • ‘The application allows users to geocode images, or link digital images to the location where they were taken.’
    • ‘He updates his site once a day with the latest arrest records, then geocodes them and shows you where they happened.’


  • A set of geographical coordinates corresponding to a location.

    ‘the calculation is made based upon the geocode for every zip code in the Hudson Valley’
    • ‘Items in the file consist of the time and data group, the source, destination, airline, and flight number, a GeoRSS Line tag with the source and destination geocodes, and the current time and date in the pubDate field.’
    • ‘Among these, 93% of geocodes were completed at a house or street level (the most precise).’
    • ‘Geocode and school data are available by contract.’
    • ‘The permalink could follow a standard, where the creator is the author of the post, the place is a geocode of the creator's location and the time is the time of the post.’
    • ‘Because flowering plants vary from region to region and bees rarely stray far from the hive, the pollen print provides a sort of geocode.’
    • ‘The technology provided customers with real-time visibility of the field force and customers' shipments down to the exact geocode.’
    • ‘Don't you need at least 3 satellites overhead to calculate a geocode?’
    • ‘Geocodes can be beneficial to any business which uses or manages address information in any way.’
    • ‘Online mapping systems have often been challenged with translating street addresses into the geocodes and pinpointing the locations on maps.’
    • ‘The centerpoints of buildings could be used, as well as front-door entrances, when computing location geocodes or when calculating driving directions.’